Issue: 11 | July 2014
Have you ever thought to yourself, "Wouldn't two anti-virus programs be better than one?" As a PC technician, I have spoken with multiple customers that have had this thought. They have download multiple anti-virus programs and believe that they are more than protected. However, this is not how anti-virus protection works.

When you have more than one anti-virus, such as Norton or McAfee, they will see one another as a virus and fight each other. This ends up with both programs effectively canceling each other out and leaving your computer open to infection. Having multiple anti-viruses can also slow down your computer significantly. When deciding how you want to protect your computer, always go with one anti-virus.

The anti-virus program that we highly recommend to use is Microsoft Security Essentials. This is a FREE anti-virus that works just as well as the ones that you have to pay for. Also, if you have Windows 8, you may not know it but your computer comes pre-installed with MSE! The only difference is that Microsoft has changed the name of it to Windows Defender. This program will automatically update itself as well as automatically scan your device to ensure that it is protected.

So you can get the same protection that you have to pay for with Norton from Windows Defender for FREE.

Your website may be the first place potential customers interact with your brand.

After viewing your website customers can determine if you are a serious business, worthy of their time, or if they should move on. If your website is uninteresting, out-of-date, or functions poorly it can affect how they view your business, especially when they compare your website to your competitors.

Your website is a powerful tool to help you achieve your business goals. There are many benefits to having an interesting, up-to-date, fully functional website. Below are a few of these benefits:
  • Develop stronger relationships with your customers.
  • Create a clear unified message or brand.
  • Attract and engage customers, potential employees and investors.
  • Retain current customers
  • Most importantly, increase revenue
Many businesses build a website with the intention of taking full advantage of the benefits listed above and then forget about it. It is important to continually update and invest in your website.

Wilson Computer Support has the knowledge and expertise to integrate your brand into your website using the latest technologies, keeping your site interesting, up-to-date, and fully functional across multiple devices and platforms. We have a fully staffed web department with creative designers and talented programmers that would love to help you get the most out of your website.

Today is the day to speak with a professional about your website and online marketing. You may contact me, Conor Conway, at (205) 985-9942, ext. 122 or by email at I look forward to hearing from you.

Conor Conway
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With Microsoft ending support for Windows XP in April everyone is upgrading their computers if they haven't already. We are getting lots of questions on "Should I upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 7? I have heard bad things about Windows 8." The short answer is you always want to go with the newest operating system unless you have a really good reason. The biggest reason is because Microsoft prices things so the latest version of their operating system is always cheaper so it will save you money in the long run. We will go over pros and cons in more detail below.

The case for Windows 7. The biggest benefit to Windows 7 is familiarity. You still have the same popup start menu in the bottom left and the basic functionality is still the same. You can still make it look much like XP with just a few tweaks. Another huge benefit is that Windows 7 has been tweaked and is now a very stable smooth operating system. It doesn't feel like a work in progress. Many business still have to use Windows 7 because software they use does not support Windows 8 yet.

The case for Windows 8. To say that some of our clients dislike Windows 8 would be putting it mildly. With the new interface there is much to learn on the new system. But with that said after a few days of using the new system most all of our clients get over the "not sure what to do" stage and don't really seem to mind. In addition I would say that Windows 8 is much faster than all other versions of Windows. Even on systems that don't have as much resources. Touch is another huge advantage. Windows 8 really shines on touchscreen systems and if your system supports it you will not want to go back to other versions of Windows. Worth noting while almost all new hardware supports Windows 8 if you have old printers, etc you may have to buy new hardware if you go with Windows 8 to get the support. In conclusion you can see there is no clear cut answer but feel free to contact us and any of our technical staff are happy to talk about your particular situation and recommend what we think would be best for you.

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      Stewart Dean has done a little bit of everything in the computer industry. He started as an on-site support technician in the early 90s and has worked as a graphic artist, teacher, webmaster and network administrator before settling into a programming role at a legal services organization. He brings his programming and problem solving experience to the Web Department at Wilson Computer Support.
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